NIS mission

NIS has the mission to meet the information needs of all categories of users of statistical data and information by collecting, producing and disseminating data in accordance with the Law on the Organization and Functioning of Official Statistics in Romania. (EC) No 226/2009, Regulation (EC) No. No 223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2009 on European Statistics and the European Statistics Code of Practice necessary for substantiating decisions on economic and social development of the country and for the knowledge and information of public opinion on the realities of Romanian society.

NIS vision

NIS, as the main producer of official statistical data, responsible for the coordination of all activities at national level regarding the development, development and dissemination of European statistics, is oriented towards achieving in a near future some functional methodological and technical performances recognized on domestic and international plan, at a level comparable to the performances of the most advanced national statistical institutes in the EU Member States.

NIS Principles:

  • User orientation;
  • Commitment of the NIS leadership;
  • Efficiency in relation to statistical processes;
  • Continuous improvement of official statistics activity;
  • Commitment on the quality of statistical products;
  • Accessibility of statistical data and information;
  • Cooperation in the field of official statistics;
  • Respecting the needs of data providers;
  • Systematic implementation of quality management in statistics;
  • Meeting the collective and individual requirements of the INS staff.

2013 Farm structure survey

Selection of the data tables, for main indicators, at national level and at territorial level (macroregions, development regions and counties):


Volume 1: "2013 Farm structural survey - National level data"  
Volume 2:  "2013 Farm structural survey - Data on macroregions , development regions and counties"  

Romania organized and carried out the 2013 Farm Structure Survey (FSS 2013), according to Regulation (EC) no.1166/ 2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council on farm structure surveys and the survey on agricultural production methods. For this survey, the European Commission assigned for Romania 2 million Euros.


FSS 2013 objective was to obtain information regarding the structure of agricultural holdings: number of agricultural holdings, the average size of an agricultural holding, utilized agricultural area, livestock, irrigations, organic farming, agricultural machinery and equipment, labor force, rural development etc.

FSS 2013 purposes:

  • Data assurance, comparable at an international level, for substantiating national agricultural policies, is in agreement with the statistical acquis communautaire, needed for Romania’s participation process to Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
  • Establishing the typology and economic size of the agricultural holdings, based on the data from FSS 2013 and Standard Production Coefficients 2010.
  • Updating the Farm Register (FR), which represents the sample frame for all the agricultural surveys.
  • Obtaining statistics for the improvement of the agro-environment quality indicators and for the drafting of the agricultural and rural development policies.

The survey 2013 FSS was based on a representative sample of about 313 thousand agricultural holdings without legal personality, out of a total of 3.828 thousand agricultural holdings without legal personality, registered in the 2010 General Agricultural Census and included in the Farm Register, and all of the agricultural holdings with legal personality (around 31 thousand.)

The agricultural holding was defined as a single unit, both technically and economically, who has single management and performs agricultural activities through utilizing agricultural area or/ and livestock breeding, or maintains the agricultural areas in good agricultural and environmental conditions, either as its primary or secondary activity.

Registration period (data collection) was January 10th – February 10th 2014.

The questionnaire for data collection was on paper and had 10 chapters:

  • General information on agricultural holding
  • Land use
  • Irrigations
  • Livestock
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Organic farming
  • Rural development
  • Persons who worked in agriculture
  • Other gainful activities
  • Other information

Data collection was by face-to-face interview, performed by surveyors for agricultural holdings without legal personality and by self-registration for agricultural holdings with legal personality.

Additional personnel

  • about 3000 interview operators participated, selected from specialists from agriculture, economics, IT and other fields, with at least medium education for data collection at agricultural holdings without legal personality
  • 42 coordinators, during November 2013 – December 2014 (1 coordinator per county) 
  • 126 computer operators were employed for a determined period of time (March – July 2014) and allocated to counties, according to the number of agricultural holdings within the sample

2013 FSS results are available and disseminated as follows:

At national level:

  • Official news
  • Publication in 2 volumes (book + CD), as follows:

Volume 1: "Farm Structure Survey 2013 – General data at national level“      

Volume 2: "Farm Structure Survey 2013 – Data by macroregions, development regions and counties” 


The results at territorial level (macroregions, development regions and counties) are based on the principle of agricultural holding’ localization, namely: one agricultural holding was localized where it carried out the most important part of its agricultural activity, and not certainly at its administrative residence, although these two, in most cases, might be the same.


The publications of 2013 FSS results can be purchased:

  • at National Institute of Statistic headquarters, through the statistic bookshop „Ion Ionescu de la Brad”, Bulevardul Libertăţii nr. 16, sector 5, Bucuresti,       phone. +4021 3181842/ int. 2254
  • by order, at „Romanian Statistic Information Dissemination”, phone +4021 3171110,           

    For other information, contact the Bureau for data dissemination, phone +4021 3177770,