Official Statistics in Romania

Official statistics represents one of the main components in the knowledge process, being also pointed out as one of the main pillars for a good governance of the society. It ensures, on the basis of quantitative evaluations, the substantiation of the decisions at micro and macro economic level.

One should make a distiction between official statistics and other public statistics: official statistics are those statistics which are elaborated and issued according to some statistical normative documents or national and/or European regulations, by specific fields, carried out by public authorities according to legal stipulations.

In order to respond the criteria of public utility, official statistics should be relevant, accurate, timely, to meet all the categories of statistical data users, for planning and research purposes, to be objective and put at the disposal of all the categories of users free of charge. At the same time, official statistics should be produced and issued in order to protect individual statistical data confidentiality.

The National Institute of Statistics is the main producer of official statistical data of the state, playing the role of the coordinator of the National Statistical System, according to the stipulations of the Law no. 226/2009 on official statistical organization and functioning in Romania, with later modifications and completions.

Official statistic, according to the Law no. 226/2009, covers all the activities organized for statistical data collection, processing, analysis, dissemination, development of statistical culture, elaboration and administration of official statistical data series carried out by:

  1. Public authorities and institutions, except the National Bank of Romania, including demographic, social, economic, environment, financial and judicial data and information, necessary to know about economic and social reality, the creation of development strategies and forecast, of governmental decisions and of economic operators, the elaboration of scientific researches, the information of public opinion and international cooperation in the statistical field;
  2. The National Bank of Romania, for the fields where it has competence according to its own organisation and functioning law

Official statistical data, represent the results from the processing of individual data by the producer of official statistics, according to statistical legislation or to other legislative and issued documents, as required by official regulations. Statistical data or other, elaborated besides the above mentioned conditions, are not official statistical data.

Producers of official statistics from Europe

Other producers of official statistics from Romania:

1. Ministry of Health

2. National Center for Health Evaluation and Promotion Status

3. National Center of Public Health Statistics and Information

4. Ministry of Internal Affairs

5. Ministry of National Education

6. Ministry of Transport

7. Romanian Railway Authority

8. National Company of Highways and National Roads from Romania

9. Romanian Road Transport Authority

10. Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority

11. Romanian Naval Authority

12. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

13. National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture

14. National Agency for Land Improvements

15. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

16. National Administration "Romanian Waters"

17. National Administration of Environmental Protection

18. Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly

19. Labour Inspection

20. National Agency for Employment

21. National House of Public Pensions

22. Ministry of Information Society

23. Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

24. Ministry of Culture

25. National Library of Romania

26. National Center of Cinematography

27. Ministry of Public Finances

28. National Agency of Fiscal Administration

29. Ministry of Economy

30. Ministry of Justice

31. National Office of Trade Register

32. National Administration of Penitentiaries

33. Superior Council of the Magistrature

34. National Agency for Consumer Protection

35. State Office for Investions and Trademarks

36. National Authority of Energy Regulation

37. National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority

38. National Agency for Mineral Resources

39. National Authority of Communication Management and Regulation

40. National Audiovisual Council

41. Romanian Television Society

42. Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company

43. National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering

44. University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

45. National Research and Development Institute for Pedology, Agrochemistry and Environmental Protection  



Last update: April 05, 2017