NIS Leadership


Tudorel ANDREI - CV - Agenda
tel. +4021 317 77 84, +4021 318 18 24/int. 1462  fax:+4021 318 18 51
- President represents the institution in relations with the President, the Romanian Parliament, Romanian Government, other public authorities, the third legal entities, individuals, and organizations in the country and abroad
- President issues orders and instructions under the law
- President meets in its field general tasks mentioned in art. 17 paragraph (5) of the Law no. 226/2009, with subsequent amendments
- President meets the field of activity of NIS and other specific tasks set by legislation
- President meets law function secondary coordinator of credits
- The President may by order delegate some powers vice-presidents, general secretary, staff management positions in specialized departments and others services within the NIS


Marian Chivu
Coordinates the following general directions, according to Order of NIS President no.1007/25.11.2013:

- General Department of National Accounts and Macroeconomic Syntheses
- General Department of Operations and Management of the Statistical Data Sources

Beatrix GERED - CV - Agenda
tel. +4021 318 18 50, +4021 318 18 24/int. 2235  fax:+4021 318 80 97  
Coordinates the General Directorate of IT and Statistical Infrastructure according to Order of NIS President no.1008/25.11.2013

Elena Mihaela IAGAR - CV - Agenda
tel. +4021 314 09 97, +4021 318 18 24/int. 2439  fax:+4021 311 80 97
Coordinates the following general directions, according to Order of NIS President no.1009/25.11.2013:

- General Department of Economic Statistics
- General Department of Demography and Social Statistics

The tasks of the vice-presidents are established by the Orders of the National Institute of Statistics’ President


George Razvan Profiroiu - CV - Agenda
tel. +4021 319 30 00, +4021 318 18 24/int. 1231  fax:+4021 317 77 49   - coordinates the good functioning of departments and of functional activities within the National Institute of Statistics and ensures the operative link between the president and the leaders of all departments in the institute and leaders of subordinated units
- performs the tasks stipulated in Art. 49 paragraph (2) of Law no. 90/2001 on the organization and functioning of the Romanian Government and ministries
- performs other attributions assigned by the president of NIS




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